By earache we mean pain in the ear or in the ear canal. \"\"
We distinguish primary and secondary ear pain.

Primary ear pain is caused by the ear itself. In most cases, it is an infection in the ear canal or middle ear. Sometimes it concerns a trauma, such as a blow to the ear or a sudden increase in pressure (barotrauma), such as during an explosion or when diving. Cold air or wind can also cause pain. Rare causes include growths in the ear or inflammation of the facial nerve.

In secondary or referred ear pain, the cause is distant from the ear, and the pain radiates to the ear. Pain in the temporomandibular joint, toothache and neck pain can be felt in the ear. The pain can also radiate to the ear with diseases of the throat, tongue or palate, eg with a throat infection. Rare causes include disorders of the vocal cords, esophagus, thyroid, trachea or the large arteries in the chest.

source: health science

Always consult a doctor if you have ear pain for more than 7 days. In case of fever and earache, always contact a doctor immediately.