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Potassium bichromicum 200K 4 grams VSM


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Potassium bichromicum 200K 4 grams VSM

Attention! This is a homeopathic medicine!

Homeopathy is a medicine with a fundamentally different view of illness and health
than conventional medicine. That is why homeopathic medicines are fundamentally different from regular medicines. The difference is that the application is solely based on homeopathy and the effect is not scientifically substantiated. Homeopathy is based on two principles: the first is that you can combat symptoms of disease with a remedy that evokes precisely those symptoms in healthy people. The second principle says that the homeopathic substance becomes more and more effective the more it is diluted and shaken in a certain way.

Since 1 July 2013, homeopathic medicines may no longer be sold with a medical claim on the packaging that is not scientifically substantiated. Minister Schippers has decided this in response to the decision of the Council of State in April 2012. Consumers must therefore make a choice from now on for a homeopathic medicine without the essential information on the packaging and in the package leaflet.

Do you still have questions about this homeopathic medicine after reading the information on this page?
Then call our customer service and ask for one of our certified chemists on telephone number +31-71-3000012.



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