• mr. P.J. Bik (Paul)

    Working in the drugstore for 40 years and owner of drugstore De Vijzel (Bik) in Leiden for 36 years. Since 1860, Messrs. G. Bik, W.F. Bik, G.J. Bik and P.J. Bik responsible for the drugstore in Leiden. After his father, Mr. P.J. Bik already the 4th generation drugstores in Leiden. With his broad knowledge of business but highly specialized in chemicals, Mr. Bik a source of information for many residents of Leiden and the surrounding area. To this day, many old-fashioned recipes of the Bikken are still made and sold.
    Do you want to know something else or have you been looking for something for a long time?
    Ask Mr. Bik, with great pleasure he will try to help you further.

  • mr. G.J. Bik (Geert)

    Not yet active as a drug store, but the 5th generation in the Bik family. He also became a druggist on the advice of his father (P.J. Bik).

    Bik & Bik are absolutely no standard drugstores. The old-fashioned feeling, expertise and especially love for the profession are the characteristics of the Bik drugstores. Perhaps most importantly, they are still in the shop every day!

    Are you coming to Leiden sometime?
    Come in and enjoy the store.

Drugstore Bik receives designation Royal purveyor

At the end of last afternoon, Mr. Bik received the designation Royal Purveyor from the Queen’s Commissioner in the province of South Holland, Jan Franssen. Mayor Lenferink, many acquaintances, Read more….

Visiting Drugstore Bik

Vanuit de historische binnenstad op de Doezastraat in Leiden bedient de familie Bik duizenden klanten in binnen- en buitenland. Drogisterij Bik is het schoolvoorbeeld van een traditioneel familiebedrijf die de stap naar online succesvol heeft gemaakt. Lees meer….