Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions come back to us again and again. In order to be able to help you quickly, we have already answered the most frequently asked questions here.

  • Bag with Bikosan has too little or no content

    When filling the bags, it can sometimes happen that they are completely filled. We also sometimes miss this during the manual post-check.
    Let us know and we will send you a new filled bag asap!

  • Can I use Superol on a long-term basis?

    Yes, you can, but we don’t recommend it! Superol has a disinfecting effect and only needs to be used during complaints. If you no longer have any complaints, it is not necessary to use Superol for longer.

  • Can I delete my account myself?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible as a customer to delete your account yourself. When you send us a message we will delete your account and notify you once this is done!

  • I can’t see if an item is in stock?

    That is indeed correct. Our stocks are minimal because in this way we can always give a maximum best before date.
    The products in our range come from different suppliers from different countries and are often in stock the next day.
    In short: we almost always ship the products that are not directly in stock with us within 24 hours, but then directly from a manufacturer or supplier!

  • The homeopathic remedies do not state what I can use it for.

    Unfortunately, for a number of years it has not been allowed to mention on homeopathic medicines where these have an effect. On the “health products” that do not have an RVH (registration of a homeopathic medicine), this scope is stated.
    If you are in doubt about a homeopathic remedy that you already have or want to buy, ask us for advice. Only certified druggists work at Bik-Bik online!

  • How can you be reached?

    We can be reached in various ways.
    By phone. And if we can’t answer the phone ourselves, the people from our telephone service will answer the phone for us. Unfortunately they do not know everything and after your call we will receive a message and call you back.
    Via mail. And that is easy and easier for us, so we can answer you when we have time for it. We always answer but sometimes it takes a while.
    chat. You will see a chat button at the bottom of the screen. If we are present, we will answer immediately. If we are not present, we will receive an email with your question.
    Via Whatsapp. This is now also possible, on the contact page there is a link which you can use to contact us via whatsapp.