Aroma Shower Love is the renewed formula of Wild Roses Harmonizing Shower Cream.

Unique scent with 100% natural essential oils
Aroma Shower Love with natural essential oils has an aromatherapeutic effect on your mood and feeling.

In addition to a refreshing effect, the shower cream has a unique and natural composition and scent to stimulate your senses. The 100% natural scent of roses, jasmine and ylang ylang puts you in a loving mood.

Silky smooth and supple skin
Aroma Shower Love is 100% natural, all ingredients come directly from nature. This mild shower cream is based on 100% vegetable ingredients that gently cleanse the skin and do not dry out. Organic sunflower oil nourishes and maintains the natural moisture balance of your skin. After showering, your skin feels pleasant and supple.

The skin compatibility of this shower cream is dermatologically proven